Why Is My Circuit Breaker Hot?

Most homeowners pay little attention to their main electrical circuit panel until something goes wrong, such as a tripped circuit breaker. However, when the areas around your outlets have darkened and/or heat is coming off of your main circuit box, these can be indications that something is wrong with your wiring system even if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip.

Since there are more than 12,000 house fires in Canada each year, causing deaths and injuries, paying attention to your electrical panel is more than just a good idea; it’s essential. Catching issues like a hot circuit breaker early can not only help to keep you and your family safe, but can keep the cost of fixing the problem in check and prevent property damage.

Common Reasons for a Hot Circuit Breaker

There are a number of things that can cause your circuit breaker to give off heat. Some of the more common include:

  • Older wiring. Even homes built before1980 can have wiring that’s insufficient to handle the demands of modern living.
  • An overloaded circuit. If the electrical demand on your circuit is too large, it can cause the circuit to generate heat. This can be the result of insufficient outlets (and using extension cords) or using multiple, newer appliances and/or electronics that require more energy than many home wiring systems were designed to provide.
  • Loose connections. Another reason for a hot circuit breaker is electrical connections that have loosened over time. This is an easy thing for a qualified, licensed electrician to fix.

Electrical work is too dangerous to work on yourself. It’s important to hire a licensed electrician to make sure your wiring is handled properly and safely.

Seven Oaks Electrical Can Repair or Replace Your Hot Circuit Breaker in Winnipeg,

Seven Oaks Electrical has the experienced, licensed electricians you need to keep your home and your family safe. If you have questions or concerns about a hot circuit breaker or other wiring issue in your home, call us for an evaluation. Our staff has experience in a variety of home wiring projects, from re-wiring an entire home to fixing loose electrical connections.

3 Simple Electrical Upgrades that Can Save You Money

Many people believe that the only time they need to call an electrician is when something is wrong in their home. That’s not true! There are a number of quick and easy jobs you can call an electrician for that can make you more comfortable and make your home safer and more efficient—changes you can make without breaking the bank!

Light fixtures – want to remodel a bedroom, family room, or den? Before you start knocking down walls, think of what a difference new lighting will make! With so many designs and styles of lighting, including recessed lighting and track lighting, you can create a truly new look without even changing the paint!

Ceiling fans – there’s not a lot that a new ceiling fan can’t do. Adding a ceiling fan to your bedroom or living room can help lower your heating and cooling costs, improve airflow in the room, and even add a touch of style. There are a huge number of ceiling fan designs and styles to choose from, including those that double as lights. Fans circulate air and keep things from getting stuffy and hot in the summer months, and stuffy and cold in the winter months!

Bathroom fans – adding or upgrading exhaust fans is an oft-overlooked home improvement job that can actually make your home much safer and more comfortable. Bathroom fans pull in moisture from the bathroom when you take a shower (or from steam in the kitchen when cooking), which prevents water damage and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. There are now bath fans available that include lights and heaters to add some warmth and light to your bathroom as well.

Upgrading your electrical system doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your home’s wiring or something equally major—a few minor tweaks can get you saving money and living more comfortably, day in and day out! If you’re interested in any electrical upgrades in your home, call Seven Oaks Electrical today!

Surge Protection

When storms roll in will you be prepared for the power surges that follow? When you think about protecting your home, power surge protection may not be the first thing you think of. However, getting caught in a power surge during a storm without protection could leave you with some very expensive, very useless electronics. Seven Oaks Electrical has reasons why…

The cheapest options aren’t always the best options.

Many homeowners have the idea that surge protection is simply a matter of plugging their devices into a low-cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor. However, we all know that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option, and making exceptions can lead to more expensive consequences in the long run.

Protection costs outweigh replacement costs.

If you think about it, adding surge protection to your home costs very little in comparison to the replacement of your electronics. A single surge can follow any wire into a house and threaten televisions, computers, appliances, satellite systems, phone and cable lines, and any other electrical devices you can think of.

The cost of replacing a single large home appliance such as a washer or dryer will likely cost you double the investment of a whole house surge protector.

Power surges occur more often than you’d think.

Most people associate power surges with lighting strikes. However, many things both outside and inside the home can cause them. Outside the home, events such as power outages and power transitions in large equipment on the same power line can introduce damaging power surges on your electric lines. Inside the home reengaging trip circuit breakers or switching of pool pumps, AC units, and other devices with large motors can also introduce power surges onto your electric wiring. To effectively protect your home from these damaging surges, you need to implement whole house surge protection .

Ask yourself if can you afford to live without surge protection. A few hundred dollars isn’t much when you compare it to the cost of replacing some of your most cherished possessions, not to mention the inconvenience of living without them until they can be replaced.

Trust us to keep your valuables safe and let us power your tomorrow. Call Seven Oaks Electrical today!

Need a New Panel?

Upgrading your electrical panel

Helps to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your electrical needs and protects your family and property. Seven Oaks Electrical can inspect your electrical wiring and panel to determine exactly what your electrical service panel needs are.

The panel is known by several different names: breaker box, electric box, electrical panel, breaker board, breaker panel, circuit breaker panel, fusebox, load center, service panel and a few others. All of which describe the same thing. Seven Oaks Electrical refers to it as the “panel”.

Seven Oaks Electrical recommends replacing your electrical panel if any of the follow pertains to you:

  • Panels or homes is over 15 years old
  • Lights flicking
  • Breakers constantly tripping
  • The panel has screw in type fuses
  • Panel box makes a crackling sound
  • Making additions to your home
  • New construction project
  • Insurance requires that you make an upgrade
  • Outlets are two pronged (non-grounded)
  • Rusting or corrosion visible anywhere on the panel or panel cover
  • Several different brands of breakers are installed

Upgrading or replacing important components can help prevent electrical failures or fires before they occur.

Q: How do I know what brand of panel I have?

  1. Look on the panel cover
  2. Look on one of the breakers
  3. Look inside the panel door
  4. Look on the (UL) tag

Please be careful around any electrical panel! Do not attempt to take the cover off for any reason without a licensed electrician present!