Need a New Panel?

Upgrading your electrical panel

Helps to ensure that your electrical system is equipped to meet your electrical needs and protects your family and property. Seven Oaks Electrical can inspect your electrical wiring and panel to determine exactly what your electrical service panel needs are.

The panel is known by several different names: breaker box, electric box, electrical panel, breaker board, breaker panel, circuit breaker panel, fusebox, load center, service panel and a few others. All of which describe the same thing. Seven Oaks Electrical refers to it as the “panel”.

Seven Oaks Electrical recommends replacing your electrical panel if any of the follow pertains to you:

  • Panels or homes is over 15 years old
  • Lights flicking
  • Breakers constantly tripping
  • The panel has screw in type fuses
  • Panel box makes a crackling sound
  • Making additions to your home
  • New construction project
  • Insurance requires that you make an upgrade
  • Outlets are two pronged (non-grounded)
  • Rusting or corrosion visible anywhere on the panel or panel cover
  • Several different brands of breakers are installed

Upgrading or replacing important components can help prevent electrical failures or fires before they occur.

Q: How do I know what brand of panel I have?

  1. Look on the panel cover
  2. Look on one of the breakers
  3. Look inside the panel door
  4. Look on the (UL) tag

Please be careful around any electrical panel! Do not attempt to take the cover off for any reason without a licensed electrician present!

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